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Alpha Beta Arteether Injection is formulated for curing malaria at the erythrocytic stage and is not given to treat or prevent severe malaria. Schwitz Biotech is one of the eminent Alpha Beta Arteether Injection Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are loaded with the best team and resources to research, formulate and manufacture different drugs for curing several health ailments and Alpha Beta Arteether Injection is one among them.

Attributes Of Our Alpha Beta Arteether Injection:

  • Come in clean and hygienic glass bottles in different dosage
  • It’s an allopathic medicine and has effective results in many conditions
  • Trusted by many doctors and health care experts
  • Proven to show great results in the early stage of malaria
  • Given on the basis or condition of the patient
  • We maintain hygiene while formulating or manufacturing them
  • We test their effectiveness on certain quality levels


  • Severe malaria, including cerebral malaria & as a second-line drug in chloroquine-resistant malaria cases only.


  • Alpha-Beta Arteether injection is contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to artemisinin derivatives.

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